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Words for Your Soul

Like Sophocles said, "Much wisdom goes with fewest words." Words are undoubtedly one of the greatest gifts to mankind. Sure, you need to use your words wisely, for as enchanting as they can be, they can be vile as well. But, oh, the magic that words spread when used in the perfect way! To be able to express your emotions via words is something that not everyone is capable of, and the ones who are, they simply blow the mind away. Presenting to you some of the best people whose work will simply mesmerize you.

1) Cipun Mishra

Cipun is nothing, but a sheer wizard. The magic that he conjures up with his words will leave you wanting to read more of his words. Each of his poems sparkle with emotions so pure, that you can feel them sinking into your mind effortlessly. He might even write a poem for you. His passion poetry encouraged him, as well as a few of his fellow poets to join the famous "Bangalore Busking". If you are in Bangalore, do not miss a chance of witnessing the magic of Cipun and his friends, who can be found in Blossom Book Store on Saturday evenings.

Check out more of his marvelous work here.

2) Sweta Parimita

Meet the enchantress, Sweta. Words flow from her mind like water trickling down the river. Her poems are nothing but fluid art. Sweta's work has sugar, spice and everything nice. Oh, and reality, of course! What might seem as a regular poem in the beginning will bring with amazing twists and turns, and leave you awestruck. When I first came across her poems, I was truly amazed by how simple, yet powerful her work was. She indeed convinces people of the term "Beauty in simplicity".

Here's where you can check more of Sweta's works.

3) Auro Varat Patnaik

When I was 18, I used to spread Fevicol on my hand and peel it off. Well, I still do. And then, there's this kid. Auro has a sense of maturity and intensity that is very rare to find, especially in people his age. That is reflected in anything and everything he writes. He won't take you down complex roads, but with the words he presents, you will surely be transported to a completely different and beautiful world. Oh! And did I tell you that he's an amazing photographer as well?

Go ahead and see more of his work!

4) Paromita Sarkar

Believe it or not, this astoundingly heart-touching story comes from a 17 year old. I met (virtually) Paromita in a writers group, and the amount of talent she possesses impressed me to a great extent. Be it poems, or thought-provoking stories, she can win your heart with her beautiful words. The terrific way in which she presents her words are certainly worth a read!

Read more of her works here.

5) Devesh Agrawal

No elaborate poems, no stories, just a few crisp lines to depict life the way it is. That's Devesh for you. Although my permanent meme-boy, Devesh has some really beautiful beautiful lines that will touch your soul with their utmost simplicity. Not just that, you might even relate to most of what he writes.

Here are some of his other lovely writings.

6) Ria Mishra

I have known Ria since the day she was born, and little did I know that she possessed such immense talent! The first time I came across her write-ups, I was more than proud of the beautiful way she presented words that were oh so soothing! What I love about her style is that it has a comforting effect on the mind, even the ones about heartbreak. Oh, and she runs on sarcasm and books!

Read more of Ria's work here.

7) Soumyadeep Bhattacherya

I cannot even begin to appreciate this oh-so-talented kid! Although my junior in college, I don't quite remember how I met him. But I am so glad that I know this human. Soumyadeep is more than just words. He writes emotions. He has even penned down three incredible books- The Untamed Cacophony, Thoughts and The Show. And this kid is multi-talented! He's an awesome photographer and a great musician as well!

Find his works here.

8) Taneeva Das

In a funny series of events, Taneeva became a very good friend of mine. But that's not the only reason why I respect her. She is a brilliant poetess and her work speaks for itself. A post graduate in Linguistics, Taneeva had her tryst with poetry since a long time, and it's what she does in a perfect way. Her poetry is something that will indeed make you want to keep on reading more of it.

Here are some more of her amazing poems and write-ups.

9) Vishal Mishra

From bunking classes to flunking exams, Vishal and I have been through all the reputed back-benchers' monkeyness. A fellow FRIENDS fan, reincarnated Chandler, and a great human, Vishal is the perfect college comrade. But that's not where it ends. He is a terrific writer, the proof of which can be seen in the story above. His stories are so simple, yet so delightful, that it would be hard not to fall in love with the tales.

See his beautiful work for yourself and also follow his hashtag, #alittlebitofashnaa .

Creativity should always be spread in the world, and these people are doing their part with their marvelous works.

If you know someone who has equally mesmerizing writings, do talk about them in the comments below.

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