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1) They say your entire life Flashes by your eyes As you slowly enter Death's chariot, Like the grains of sand that Slip through your fingers As if your skin were velvet.

2) Ten seconds to go – A 4-year-old me Runs around the house That echoes my giggles As my mother runs behind me With a plate full of halwa.

3) Nine seconds to go – The 11-year-old me Beats the neighbor's dog to death Because the smug son-of-a-bitch Considered it a good idea To sink it's filthy teeth into my skin.

4) Eight seconds to go – My elite school's principal Throws me out on the road When he catches me handing out Pictures of naked ladies To my other 14-year-old friends.

5) Seven seconds to go – My 18-year-old heart Falls head-over-heels in love With 21-year-old Nafisa, I see her kissing a guy under the tree; The guy is found dead the next day.

6) Six seconds to go – I'm 23, the embodiment of fury, I run away from home With a wad of money in my pocket, And my father's gun Tucked into my belt.

7) Five seconds to go – 26, and I find shelter In the arms of a 21-year-old girl I call her my own, I make her my wife A year later I leave her In the middle of the night.

8) Four seconds to go – 5 days ago, I turned 28 At the steps of my house Lay an envelope that read "Your sins would be forgiven, Just press the button inside."

9) Three seconds to go – I see a toddler behind me Walking in the crowd With a Chocobar in his left hand, His mother's hand in his right, And a peaceful smile on his lips.

10) Two seconds to go – A man is talking to his wife, He has a bouquet of daisies I can feel intense love In the man's voice Perhaps it's their anniversary today.

11) One second to go – An old lady's crossing the road, A leper is begging, 3 girls are playing hopscotch, I couldn't care less about anyone My priority lies in cleansing my sins today.

12) I press the button, A loud explosion, Thousands of people screaming, Legs here, hands there My soul stares at my body But alas, only from Hell.

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