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Things I Want To Tell the World

If I had a day

To open up my mind

And show it to the world,

Which I otherwise wouldn't,

I wonder what it is

That I'd say,

And how much would

Be swept under the rug;

But if at all I had to say

Something, anything to the world,

Perhaps this is what I'd say,

Or rather, ask.

i. I smile at you,

Why won't you smile back at me?

ii. Are you scared of me

Because I care so much?

iii. What makes you think

That you can trample me like a leaf?

Of course, I know the answers,

And I wouldn't be wasting time

Fidgeting with my fragile little heart

Like I'm a cat, and it's a ball of yarn

That's thrown at me.

// NaPoWriMo, Day 11

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