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The Name Game

My father's name is Jaya,

And my mother's name is Nihar,

So when my sister was born

And was to be named,

For whatever fuckall reason

My parents combined there names,

And what was formed was "Jay-Ni",

But because that of course

Didn't have an ounce of sense,

"Jay-ni" got modified to Jenny,

Now Jenny was and is

The apple of the entire world's eyes;

Seven years later when

Yours truly was born,

She too had to be named,

Fffffs, what an obvious thing to say,

But the question was

"What should this wiggling

Mass of flesh be called?"

And after all levels of

Thinking and reflecting

"Sainy" was stamped

On my existence,

So that it beautifully

Rhymed with Jenny,

But that's not what

I am talking about,

What I am talking about

Is that you see,

The day I was named

Was also the day when

Things started looking

Bright and shiny for people,

No, we didn't magically become

Rich and famous,

What did happen was that

For everything that went wrong,

Any time, anywhere,

Sainy was the ultimate scapegoat;

Didn't matter if a pen

Disappeared from dad's table,

Or someone killed someone in Egypt,

Things could always be

Blamed on this kid called Sainy,

Now this kid is twenty seven,

And is currently being

Blamed for not reminding

My mom to turn off

The washing machine,

While such is life,

I often think what

Astrological shit happened

On the day I was named

To be constantly

Hilariously blamed

Since and till eternity.

- NaPoWriMo, Day 28

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