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The Lady

i) On Monday, a charming young lady

Knocked on my door

With the brightest smile on her face,

And something bigger than an overnight bag

I did not ask her name, but I let her in

I guessed she was there to stay.

ii) On Tuesday, the lady spoke in

A low voice that no one but I could hear

She spoke low, but she spoke ceaselessly

So by the end of the day

I became her slave

And willfully did the things she said.

iii) On Wednesday, I was a maniac in love,

Anything that my lady said

I did it with utmost vigor

A lot of her words didn't make sense to me

But nothing stopped me

From fulfilling her desires.

iv) On Thursday, I looked at the mirror

I couldn't recognize the person inside

The voice was mine

And so was the body

But the reflection was someone else's

I guess I was lost.

v) On Friday, all my friends walked away

Because I was too much in love with the lady

I smiled and let them leave

I had no regrets because

Loving the lady was

The only good thing I had ever done.

vi) On Saturday, the lady looked

Like Aphrodite, seductive but passionate

With every word she said, and every step I took

We were turned on like horny teenagers

So after dinner that night we made love

But I still felt lost.

vii) On Sunday, the lady was the

Only thing on my mind, I chanted her name,

She was called Depression

I still felt lost, like I was almost dying

So I sat down with my gun on my side

Because that was the only thing that could bring me alive.

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