The Fiendish Nurse

On a regular morning,

The walk from the main road

To my house is like

A walk on any normal road

To any mainstream destination -

Vendors laying out their paraphernelia

To sell assortments of stuff,

Some luring you in for plastic dolls,

Some calling you to purchase fresh vegetables,

You hear birds chirping

On the trees as you walk by,

Dogs play-fighting and rolling

On the vast, dusty roads,

And ambulances rushing to and from

The hospital that towered over opposite

The houses in our colony;

However, walking on the same roads

At nights is a different ballgame,

The trees look like bare arms

With deformed fingers,

The flickering lights turn the road

Into a horribly creepy discotheque,

And the hair on the back of your neck stand up

As the soft voice of the Fiendish Nurse

Crawls up your ears, begging you to turn back;

Now, I am not a scaredy cat,

But I avoid taking the road at night;

That was until last night

When work ended beyond midnight

And the bus dropped me on the main road,

I calculated - the walk home would take

Exactly one and a half

Repetitions of Rap God,

So I plugged my earphones,

Kept my gait brisk,

And hummed along to the rap;

Two minutes in,

A sweet voice echoed in my ears,

Above that of Eminem's,

I have never met the Fiendish Nurse,

But I have heard stories from folks,

That she first calls you out

Like a very cliched ghost,

Then tugs your arm,

And then rips your guts out.

So when I heard my name in

The now forlorn road to my home,

I switched from a walk to a jog,

But then I felt a tug,

A soft one at first, then impossibly strong,

So I ran, I ran with a speed

That I wasn't aware I possessed

And then...

I tripped.

- NaPoWriMo, Day 25

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