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The Bougainvillea Affair

Oh honey,

You doe-eyed baby,

What is it that

Fills your mind

When you look at

The beautiful white

Bunch of bougainvilleas

That run about

The tiny window

Of the cage that

Fits you in?

Do they remind you

Of the time when

Your wings were unclipped,

And you soared

High in the sky

Like the mighty eagle?

Or do they take you back

To the day when

You fell in love,

And all butterflies

In your rumbling stomach

Turned it into

A lepidopterarium?

Maybe they remind you

Of the very first time

You lay your eyes

On a magnificent

Arrangement of white bougainvilleas,

That took your breath away

Like you had just

Met your soulmate,

Even though they were

Just fancy fragile flowers.

Oh honey,

You doe-eyed baby,

What stories does your

Magical, mesmerizing mind house,

Even though you

Look like you are

Broken, bleak, bruised?

// NaPoWriMo, Day 3

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