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Sunday Morning

Madurai: In what seems to be

a rather tragic turn of events

for a couple residing

in P.T. Rajan Road,

it has been reported by a

certain Mr. Mohan that his

wife went missing on the 5th of July,

after the couple celebrated their

eleventh wedding anniversary

with some of their friends

at a party in their bungalow.

The thirty odd people who

attended the party were

asked to go through some

basic police questioning,

and not only did the police

not find a suspect, they also

confirmed that everyone's

story was more or less the same -

Mrs. Sumitra was her usual

jolly self, cracking jokes,

attending to the guests,

and even joined them

in the Bunny Hop train.

The guests left the house

at around 11:30 PM,

and Mr. Mohan saw them off,

while Mrs. Sumitra cleaned

the somewhat messy lawn,

and when he came back,

he offered to help her,

but she told him that

he should go rest and

sent him away inside.

It was only after almost

an hour when the husband

realized that the wife

was still outside and

found it odd, because it was

just a few paper plates

and cups that needed

to be put away and that

shouldn't have taken that long.

After frantically looking for her,

he called everyone who

was there in the party,

and everyone who wasn't,

but when everyone answered

in the negative, he wondered

if she had been abducted,

so he stayed stuck to his phone,

but when that didn't help,

he finally took it to the police.

The police are still investigating

the case and are yet to find

out any suspects and

possible missing links.

Mohan put down the Sunday morning paper on the couch

and sipped coffee from the huge green mug that

Sumitra had gifted him on their anniversary.

He then slowly lifted the couch seat, just enough

to take a long look at the very dead eyes

of his beloved wife. He would need to move

her somewhere else, but today, he wanted to

let her rest inside the couch.

//NaPoWriMo, Day 27

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