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Summertime Madness

Summer, in all its glory,

Brings to me memories

Of all the years that I spent

Growing up from a baby

To a toddler to a kid

To a teenager to an adult,

And everything that

Changed with the years

That passed by like breeze;

Like in the year 2002,

When the lights would go out

During the summer vacations,

Homework and self study

Would go for a toss

And all the kids would

Gather in the colony

To play hide and seek;

Or like in 2006,

When at 10 PM,

I was playing "Lock and Key"

With a 7 year old girl

And her 4 year old brother,

I fell on the concrete road,

And broke my specs

And also tore away

A large piece of the chin

From my 11 year old face;

And how the years from

2014 to 2016 were spent

Writing supplementary exams

For all the papers in which

I had gloriously failed,

And how in 2019,

I had one of the

Biggest panic attacks

Of my bittersweet life.

I grew from a baby to a toddler

To a kid to a teenager to an adult

And at times it feels

As if the summer has

Always been cruel to me

For some unknown reason,

But it's also the summer

Which paves the way

For a winter that reminds me

That I was born a warrior,

A ruler, a strong human.

- NaPoWriMo, Day 30

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