Stop, You Moron!

Stop! Stop right there!

Don't you dare move a muscle,

Stand right where you are

Until I get a hold of you,

Stand like the moron that you are,

Yes, I did call you a moron,

That makes me deviate from

My usual polite and respectful self,

But what are you, if not a moron?

You might trick people

And show off how wise you are,

You can fool everyone,

But you cannot fool me,

Not anymore, your mask is off,

Oh, yes, I will indeed tell you

What makes you a moron,

Don't you worry about that!

You see, here I am,

A perfectly fine

(well, if we exclude the

occasional bouts of anxiety),

Anyway, here I am,

A perfectly fine human,

Made of blood and flesh and bones,

And you mistake me for a doormat?

You treat me as a fucking doormat?

You walk and trample on me

Like I don't feel shit,

Does that not make you a moron

Who isn't able to differentiate

Between a human and

A fucking doormat?

- NaPoWriMo, Day 19

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