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Rest in Peace?

Updated: Jun 6, 2021

It was the second chapter In our second grade science book Or perhaps the third, Where it was mentioned about The creation of the earth, That how four and a half billion years ago When the solar system fell seemingly quiet, Gravity pulled dust and gas into its lap And created what became known As the beautiful Planet Earth; But that wasn't the end of it, The conditions on the planet Kept evolving and growing Until finally, a little after Four billion years ago, The planet was deemed fit To host life forms and nurture them; The very first inhabitants were the microbes - The bacteria and the archaea, Who kept evolving at their own pace, Creating new life forms, Some with a single cell, Some with multiple cell, Some multiple-celled beings without a backbone, Some with the strongest of backbones, Evolving, eliminating, fighting to be the best, Until one day, the strongest of them all arrived, Creatures called "humans", The earliest form of them, that is; Now humans were/are termed As the most superior being of the planet, And with their superiority, Came a much touted quality - The power of humanity; Now, humanity didn't just mean Humans as a collective, It also meant regarding Other humans and everyone And everything else with Basic respect and benevolence. Now, the reason why I mentioned all of this Is because today, we gather here To pay homage to humanity, I am not really sure at what point Humanity died - whether it was ages ago During the multiple wars of history, Or just recently, with countless women being raped, However young or old they might be, But now, I do wonder if he death of humanity Renders the power of addressing Ourselves as human, Or as the most superior being for that matter.

//NaPoWriMo, Day 18

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