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Who listens to the listener, though?

Is it the ones who very rightfully

Decide to pour out their mind

To the listener and feel light at the end,

Or is it absolutely no one

In this entire wide world

That houses Seven billion nine hundred

Forty-two million six hundred

Forty-five thousand eighty-six people?

And if it's the latter,

Then what does the listener do?

Do they bottle up everything within

Their seemingly strong,

But actually fragile heart,

Or do they just one day, eventually,

Burst out in front of the mirror,

Letting out everything at once?

The reason I ask these questions

Is because I really need to

Weigh in my options as a listener,

So I know if I have someone or no one,

So I know if I need to bottle things up,

Or gradually push myself to explode.

// NaPoWriMo, Day 9

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