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My Women

Updated: Apr 3, 2022

My women want me to break free

From the chains that once bound them

To the grounds of dark and dingy

Cells built by the society

But my women also want me to

Stay in my limits and

Please my man and

Fix things that are broken by him.

My women want me to step out

From inside the veils

That once forced them to

Have their face hidden

But my women also cringe

And shriek and gasp

At the sight of my navel

And my beautiful black bra strap.

My women want me to soar high

And spread my wings like an eagle

To do things that once seemed

Like a distant dream

But my women also warn me

To stay inside the magic circle

Because I'm a woman and I shouldn't

Let my dreams get the best of me.

My women are like

Modern day replicas of King Solomon,

Sprinkling words of wisdom

With every breath they take

But my women are also fooliaminy,

Spilling age-old shackles

And constantly going back to their shells,

Dragging other women along with them.

My women are yin.

My women are yang.

//NaPoWriMo, Day 2

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