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My Lover

My yearning to be loved

Vanishes every time

I look into the almond-shaped

Eyes of my lover

Whose grey irises

Remind me of overcast skies

Waiting to rain down

On the creation walking

Beneath them,

Unaware of the lightning

That's about to strike;

My lover's lips

Curl into a bright smile

That stretches from

Ear to ear like a

Human version of

The Cheshire cat;

My lover's warm breath

Laces my neck,

Leaving the hair on

The back of my neck

Standing like a soldier,

And my skin a throbbing

Mass of goosebumps;

My lover lies

Six feet under the ground,

But every night as

I hit the bed,

I find my lover

Staring back at me

From the void of

The night's darkness.

- NaPoWriMo, Day 10

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