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Mundane Mondays

Updated: May 2, 2021

Is it sad, or is it funny that Despite being young, My soul is already so tired, That the only reason I am still alive Is because I rely on the weekend To be able to get few extra hours of sleep To add in to my schedule? The answer is neither of the two, The third hidden, and the correct option Is that it's downright pathetic; But happiness ended faster than A Black Friday sale, without me buying anything, Because before I could realise, It was Monday yet again; Eventually not snoozing the alarm any more, I woke up at eight twenty three AM, After managing to get a blink Of sleep at five forty seven AM; Eight fifty three AM - Skipped breakfast, booked an Uber, It's like my body already knew That irrespective of everything That the universe conspires, or doesn't, I would always be late to the office; After twenty minutes of waiting, And three phone calls to the driver, The car finally arrived after what was Supposedly a four-minute ETA; My broke self could only opt for pool-rides - Pooling along with me was the same girl With whom I had pooled sixty seven days ago; Her name was Soma, or at least That's what my pool notification said, Déjà vu played its flute - Soma was on the phone, like the last time, Bitching about her new flatmate To her boyfriend Kabir, who had only said One word in the entire conversation; But, if memory served me right, Then wasn't Soma's boyfriend Manav? Did they break up? Was Kabir the war factor? My office building loomed over at a distance, Prompting me to keep my fare ready, As my trip ended, I wondered How Manav was up to, While the car drove away, With Soma's voice driving away as well; I walked towards my office, Telling myself that it's just five days Until it's weekend and I find sleep again.

//NaPoWriMo, Day 29

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