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i. The glint in your eyes

Everytime someone asks you

To talk about that one thing

You love more than your life

ii. The crooked smile

That spreads across your face

Every time you think of a joke

That's funny in your head

iii. The gasp that escapes

Your forever dry lips

Whenever you see a sunset

That's prettier than the last one

iv. The way your nose

Would sniff in all the fragrance

Of the soil after the rains

That you would desperately wait for

v. The single tear that

Trickles down your cheek

When an animal in a movie

Gets even mildly hurt

vi. The awe with which

You watch Titanic,

As if it's your very first time,

Even though you've watched it 67 times

vii. The innocent heart

That made you believe

In the happiness of

A brand new day

viii. The shower concerts

With sopranos and crescendos

But fucked-up, forgotten lyrics

That you sang anyway

ix. The happy-go-lucky

Child in you, even though

You're an adult

Who really knew how to live

x. The way you'd look

At the mirror and tell yourself

That you deserve

All the happiness in the world

So tell me, Sonal,

Why is it that you

Gave up on yourself?

Why is it that you're there,

But you're also not there?

Because it would be

Really great to have you back.

// NaPoWriMo, Day 2

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