Messes and Misses

Oh, what have you done!

What have you done

To the lovely love letters

Written oh-so-beautifully

Hidden oh-so-carefully

Because only the lover

Had full rights to it;

What have you done

To the dangerous yet thrilling

Game of landline calls,

Where one ring meant

"I miss you"

And two rings meant

"I love you"

And when the occasional call

That was answered by a parent,

All that escaped the mouth

Was a whimpering

"Hello, I missed

The classes today,

Wanted to know if

I could borrow notes";

What have you done

To the shy hand-holding

While walking on the streets,

Fingers entwining and recoiling

Like snakes playing around,

Scared that someone might see;

What have you done?

Look at this mess -

Broken hearts,

Fallen trusts,

And an incessant lust for nudes.

- NaPoWriMo, Day 22

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