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Memory Games

Things I Would Like To Forget

i. The hands of the man

Who grabbed the ass

Of the 12-year old Sonal

Who was getting off

A crowded bus on a

Summer evening fifteen years ago.

ii. The face of the "friend"

Who kissed the chapped lips

Of the 23-year old Sonal

Who was sleeping

On a queen-sized bed

In June four years ago.

iii. The words of the random stranger

Who typed out "huge tits"

On 26-year old Sonal's Instagram Live,

Where she was trying to talk

To the audience post midnight,

While painting a pretty landscape.

iv. The texts of the crush

That read "I could kiss you all day"

On the WhatsApp of 22 year old Sonal,

While also talking about

How his girlfriend surprised him

Over the Christmas holidays.

v. People

- NaPoWriMo, Day 7

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