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How Long Has it Been?

I mean to talk, if you stay for a while, And maybe, just maybe, I can make you smile. So tell me, how long has it been since you walked away that night? If my memory serves me well, I guess it has been a decade and a half, after the fight. I really didn't think that I'd be seeing you again, And I really don't know if I'd be seeing you again. But there's a lot I need to say, So, please, maybe just stay?

You were an ocean, They were the bluest eyes I had ever come across, With an imminent tranquility, Resembling the calm before a storm. Warm, serene, soothing. You were an ocean, with all its waves and winds, And I was a tsunami-stricken survivor Who feared everything that reminded me of it.

You were a galaxy, You glowed brighter than the stars, And your smile had an energy That could put supernovae to shame. Assuring, positive, lively. You were a galaxy, with all its explosions and patterns, And I was but a tiny speck of dust Whose existence was everything worth neglecting.

You were a painting, You decorated the ornate walls of the Louvre, Your presence had people awestruck, Like it was Da Vinci who painted you on his canvas. Bright, beautiful, mesmerizing. You were a painting, with all its resplendent colors and magnificent strokes, And I was a homeless art enthusiast Who had nothing to offer and nowhere to take you.

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