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Love and its Multiple Personalities

Updated: May 2, 2021

1) Agape: The highest form of love;

On the days when my mother

Stayed back home from college,

She would be the first one

At the gate of my school,

Waiting to surprise the five-year old me,

We would walk back home,

She would ask if I ate my tiffin,

Or fed it to the crows and the dogs,

And then back at home,

She would bathe me while telling me jokes,

Whenever I'd tell her that I love her,

The inside of my mouth would resonate

With the same chirpiness of my demeanor

2) Limerence: Infatuated love;

I was young when I was smitten by a boy,

But now when I think about it,

I realize how foolish young hearts are,

Every time I would look at him,

A heart would skip beats to the extent

Where I was almost sure I had arrhythmia,

While a jar of butterflies kept getting spilled

Every time he would smile at me,

Before bedtime, I would think of him,

Eyes twinkling, heart still missing beats

At the mere musing of him,

And as I'd whisper the words "I love you",

My mouth would feel like the rainbow exploded inside.

3) Kutabare: Fuck you

Let me keep this short -

To all the men who thought

You possessed me because

You had shared a night (or a day) with me,

Every time you made me tell you

That I love you, because your ego-filled

Cookie-crumbled soul couldn't handle the truth,

The inside of my mouth felt like

Someone had spilled poison inside it,

And tasting the cyanide was a blissful thing to do.

4) Foreslsket: The euphoria when you first fall in love

The first time I fell in love with a brown-eyed boy,

I kept denying the fact that I deserve to be loved,

Because every other man in the past

Had a way of making me feel like a lowlife;

Finding "The One" is a process,

You almost always deny the possibility

That the one in front of you

Is also the one who's made for you,

So when I eventually had the energy

Give back love with as much mindfulness,

And also to mouth the "golden words",

The inside of my mouth was a warm

And tingly, like the night sky on the Fourth of July

5) Alexythimia: The inability to express your feelings

Twenty six years, some high, mostly low,

I have loved as much as I could,

And as many as I could -

People, places, memories,

But despite desperately dying and trying,

Every time I stand in front of my mirror,

My mouth feels like it's summer

But there's no water around,

As I struggle to admit that

I am supposed to love myself too.

//NaPoWriMo, Day 16

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