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Life as the Professor's Kid

They say parents are our first teachers, and teachers are our second parents. But what if one of your parents, or like in my case, both of your parents are teachers or professors? The life you lead as a child of someone who teaches other people on a daily basis is nothing less than a comedy of errors. There will be all sorts of situations which bring out the perspectives of both a student and a teacher, There are also times when you are mistaken for one of the students at home. Read along, and you’ll get to know some (not so) hilarious situations in the life of a teacher’s kid.

1) Your Parents are Omniscient: If your parents are teachers, you know that they know everything. No, I am not talking about the theoretical knowledge or anything related to classrooms or books or anything. I am talking about the fact that they know everything that you do. You cannot ever get away with anything. Well, of course, parents in general know everything. But a parent who is a teacher knows all the ways that kids try to get away with their mischief because they handle kids on a daily basis. So try as you might, you’ll be pulled back like a rubber band.

2) Teacher’s Day Gifts Belong to You: I am not quite sure about other kids, but I literally wait for Teacher’s Day because my mom and dad get amazing and sweet gifts from their students. Okay, I sound a bit too greedy, but what the hell!? They get all these cutesy greeting cards and pens and statues and a lot of other things. So, though my parents aren’t fond of the gifting ritual of Teacher’s Day, I am forever excited about it. Oh, and I am missing Teacher’s Day at home this year! 😒

3) You Can Easily Relate How Most Teachers Are: So you think you had a bad day at your school or your college and you can just go back home and rant about it to your parents? Yeah, sure! When you have parents who teach, no matter how hard you try, you cannot just complain about how your teachers are at wherever it is that you study and get away with it. Don’t even try, because you’ll end up getting scolded about how the teacher was right. Of course, it’s a different issue if you are wrong, or if your teacher did something really bad. But on a general note, don’t even bother complaining about your teacher at home.

4) Forget Everything About Cheating: So, except the most studious people, all of us have a backup for exams- cheating. Well, Monsieurs and Mademoiselles, that is never a successful deal when you are living in a house where either parent is a teacher. Talking about things at my home, I don’t exactly know how, but every time I try to make chits, or scribble on my limbs, or make micro-copies of notes, my mom or dad gets a whiff of it and they come right into my room and lo and behold! I am busted! As someone with parents as teachers, you know that you can never carry out your cheating process at home. That being said, you also know all hi-tech methods of cheating, because every time your parents come back after invigilating an exam, they tell all the creative ways students had been using to cheat in the exams, which of course, lights up your dimaag ki batti.

5) You Respect Teachers: Because your parents are teachers, you know how much teachers in general go through to make their students a better versions of themselves. That way, you automatically start respecting teachers throughout your life. Even the ones that are a bit strict. Because, you obviously won’t want any student to mistreat or hate your parents when they are teaching. That respect for teachers is something that just grows within you.

So, yes. Life as a teacher’s child is pretty much a mixture of events. But, hey! It’s fun! All of my fellow mates would agree. Wishing all you parents and teachers and their teachers and pretty much everyone else a very happy Teacher’s Day!

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