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Letters of Love


Umm... How do I go about this?

I agree this is a cliche setup,

Writing letters to your future self,

But how do you do it anyway?

I mean, I am supposed to write a letter to MYSELF,

That's funny and emotional at the same time;

But here it goes -

Hello 36 year old Sonal,

Are you doing well?

I hope you are, you are my only hope

To keep walking ahead to see tomorrow;

You know how things are, don't you?

You have lived through them.

I'm trying to live through it

So I can open this letter later and laugh

At how I'd feel inconvenient

Over the littlest of things,

But give me the benefit of doubt,

Because at the moment,

They don't really feel "little",

Tell me did they get better?

Did you get to live THE DREAM?

Or are you still masquerading as a happy puppy?

Oh, my ink is about to get over,

But before I send this off,

Tell me, did I grow out of the constant feeling

That I'd be dead in the next ten years?

Did I stop myself from giving up entirely?

Tell me, do people know my work?

Do people know me for my work?

Please tell me that you're happy,

That's the only way I can stop feeling anxious,

About me. About you. About us.

Right, the pen doesn't seem to be working smoothly,

So, until next time.


26 year old Sonal


Returned to Sender;

The marked recipient does not exist.

//NaPoWriMo, Day 11

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