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Let's Brew

Open the jar of smiles,

Take a handful of them,

But not a lot to overpower;

Now look into your heart,

It should have traces

Of some love left over in it;

Add two big ladles of

The much coveted empathy,

Empathy is important -

People want to receive it,

Even if they don't offer others;

Now it's time for the last ingredient,

A hint of kindness ;

With all of them added in,

Blend everything into

A smooth, watery drink

And pour it into a cup

This is my cup of care

Oh look, it's empty!

I forgot I drilled a hole in it,

Lately I have been

Drinking a lot of it,

And my heart has been

Bearing the brunt of it,

So my brain has ordered to

Cut down on the consumption

Of the concoction of care,

Looks like today is the day

When I finally run out of it.

- NaPoWriMo, Day 16

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