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Jazz in the Bar

Updated: Apr 21, 2021

You know when someone doesn't belong to a place,

Speaking in a good way, that is -

When she walked in through that door,

I knew this wasn't the place for her;

With another day of dreary mundaneness,

My scrap of a car had pulled me towards

The local dingy bar, like every other night,

And like every other night,

Everything in and about the bar was

Just another carbon copy of

The rotten monotony of all other nights -

The same man slouched in a corner booth,

His liquor breath a competitor for skunks,

The same unenthused bartender pouring drinks

Like someone wound his key and now he couldn't be unwound,

The same Shadow twins in their skimpy little cloths,

Trying to seduce men into buying them free drinks,

And much like their surname, they stood in the shadow

Until they decided their prey for the night,

And the same ten EDM tracks on repeat,

It felt as if everyone's musical taste

Had gone down the drain next to the alley outside my house,

She was the only lotus in the mud;

She sat down on the high chair next to me,

And ordered her poison - a peg of neat whiskey,

Which then turned to eight, all the while she hummed

The Shadow of Your Smile in the most angelic voice,

Forty six years of my life, and she was the only one

Who sang Tony Bennett like she grew up in his era,

Awkward tipsy conversations became sloppy kisses,

And the next thing we knew, our moans echoed in the shabby washroom,

She bit her lips as I grazed her neck,

But in her drunken stupor, she didn't feel the knife

That I slowly slid inside her skin, feeling the blood as it

Trickled down her velvet skin like honey,

She was the collector's edition of a human,

And she deserved to be preserved for all of eternity,

Now she rests in the trunk of my car,

As I drive into the night with "The Shadow of Your Smile"

Playing on loop, until I reach home and set her up on display.

//NaPoWriMo, Day 6

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