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I Need Some Space

Updated: May 2, 2021

All this love, where do I put it down? It feels heavy, like an invisible burden That my soul has been carrying on its back, As if my physical back doesn't feel burdened Enough already with the countless days And months of sleeping like I have descended From a family of crustaceans, speaking of which, Why is it that "shrimp" is considered as an insult? On the contrary, have you seen how expensive they are? What a shame to be in such a demand, Yet to also be used to offend someone! Speaking of offence, this one time, I met a person Who seemed more pompous then Joseph Stalin, Yet somehow, they had this weird notion That they were humble and level-headed, Which felt funny considering how often They said that they were the best, And everyone else was a lowlife Speaking of the best, do you know That the best day to watch the sunset Is on the days when you feel like Everything around you is crashing, And you know you'll find yourself Lying lifeless under all that debris, It's on days like this that the sunset Helps you find that lost hope That you locked away in a suitcase, And threw away in the ocean, Which reminds me, the ocean is home To one million species of animals, Out of which ninety-five percent Do not own a backbone, Such as the jellyfish and the shrimp; Ah, shrimp! I am sorry, I tend to Randomly blurt out incessantly When I feel extremely nervous, or blue, But anyway, that brings us back to square one, All this love, where do I put it down? My heart keeps manufacturing This insane amount of love For people who don't really need it Because apparently for people, I am not a human, rather, A human-skinned doormat To be stepped all over, And as they keep walking all over me, My heart still keeps oozing all that love, It's spilling and making a mess, And I don't know what to do with it.

//NaPoWriMo, Day 18

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