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How Does It Feel?

As a person deeply devoid

Of warm and snuggly hugs,

I end up wondering how often

Do people hug someone

Who clearly, desperately needs one?

And as is human nature,

My train of thoughts lead me

To another subset -

How does everyone's hug feel like?

Do they feel like the gigantic

Grip of a python engulfing its prey?

Or do they feel like the soft touch

Of a feather that ever so gracefully

Land on the skin and glide away?

I also wonder if their hugs feel

Like the icy fangs of the

Severest winter winds,

With their arms dangling by their body,

While you search for warmth

In their zombified embrace;

Or if they feel like the

Loveliest spring morning,

With each second of the hug

Resembling a blooming petal.

Irrespective, it must feel good

To receive a hug once in a while,

No matter how warm or cold it is.

- NaPoWriMo, Day 24

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