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How Are You Today?

Today, I am exhausted,

I do not have the energy

To put up a fake smile

That stops you from

Asking me if I am

Actually doing okay,

Though I know you

Wouldn't really bother

Asking me anyway,

Nor do I have the zeal

To very kindly listen

To each word that

Someone rants while

Sitting next to me,

Because today,

I want someone

To listen to my rants instead,

Though I am well aware

That my rants

Will turn to screams,

And my screams

Will turn to helpless tears,

Not because I am weak,

More so because

I am done with the shitshow

That keeps testing me,

Pushing me to the edge;

Today, I am exhausted,

So God forbid,

If your luck is rotten enough

That you ask me how I am,

I might just crumble

Into your arms

Until I eventually dissipate.

// NaPoWriMo, Day 4

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