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Glitched Songs

As a self-proclaimed

True-blue ninety's kid,

Growing up,

I walked around with

A Sony Walkman

That turned into

A cheap MP3 player,

Which later transformed

Into a gifted iPod Shuffle,

Which finally shape-shifted

Into several phones

Over several years,

But what stayed the same

Is my playlist of

Four hundred and

Ninety seven songs;

And over the years

Each situation

And each person

That crossed paths with me

Was given a song

That I could remember them by,

Like the first time

I felt intense anger,

And the last time

I fell in love;

Either listening to the song

Would remind me of them,

Or thinking about them

Would push me to listen

To their assigned song,

Irrespective, more than

The entire song,

It was bits and pieces

Of the lyrics that

Kept the situations

And the people

Super-glued in my mind,

Until situations changed,

And people left,

And I really want to

Sing those songs,

But I can't seem to

Get the lyrics right.

- NaPoWriMo, Day 27

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