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Found and Lost

We look for a home

In the arms of a lover,

And in the eyes of a stranger,

In the lyrics of a song,

And in cities where we don't belong,

In stranded memories,

And in the fallen autumn leaves.

We look for love

From lips that don't care,

And from minds that have nothing to share,

From art that makes you wonder,

And from places that make your heart wander,

From broken people,

And from a toddler's chuckle.

We look for peace

In betrayal,

And in evil,

In insanity,

And in anxiety,

In chaos,

And in loss.

We look for hope

In deafening silences,

And in eternal absences,

In shattered dreams,

And in dying screams,

In the darkest of nights,

And in meaningless fights.

And then, when all of it is over,

And we sit there heart-broken,

Questioning our life,

Contemplating our choices,

We cease to believe that

All that we desire lies within ourselves,

That home and love

And peace and hope,

All await inside,

If we only choose to stop

Running away.

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