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My lover undressed me, Ran his fingers over my back Like his skin felt silk for the very first time He made love to me, Both of us eventually breathless Later, he poured himself a drink Passively ranting about his Dire hatred of another religion, Then bit his lips, and said "Baby, you're an exception, You are like a ray of sunshine Amongst those utter imbeciles."

My father drank his morning tea, Flipping through the pages of the newspaper He read out loud the headlines Thinking no one else possessed the ability to read He read out an article about a teenager Who killed himself by gassing in the car. Shook his head, said suicidal people Should be made outcasts, but then gasped Seeing the three cuts on my wrist, he said "Sweetie, you're an exception, What you had was momentary fragility, I know you are stronger than that."

My neighbor made small talk about The weather and her family She kept gloating about how her son Was married to a billionaire's daughter And how her daughter was dating a doctor She then glanced at a girl who walked past us, Her mother had recently died My neighbor opined how motherless daughters "Grow up to be sluts", but then quickly said, "Darling, you're an exception, You can never be a tramp, You can love all the men you want to."

A guy in the crowded bar Saw me sitting in the most silent corner, Asked me my name And offered to buy me a drink, While smooth talking and staring At my low-necked red dress. He said how all the women he had met Were all easy fucks And then leaned into me and whispered, "Sugar, you're an exception, You are a diamond among the rocks, I'mma take things slow with you."

My reflection stared back at me As I stood in front of the mirror With a tear soaked face and A knife in my hand The angel on my right shoulder Comforted me, begged me to calm down, It said that everything will fall back into place The devil on my left poked its trident On my shoulder and growled, "Honey, you're an exception, Your existence is a failure in itself, You deserve to die."

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