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Accept that things end,

No matter how good they were,

No matter how much effort you put in

No matter how happy they made you feel,

Things end and unfortunately,

You can't do shit about

How it ends and when it ends

Some smartass might tell you,

"It all happens for a reason",

And some other smartass might tell you

Not to think too much about it,

Screw smartass 1 and smartass 2,

If you want to think about it,

You think about it,

And if you want to cry about it,

You cry about it,

Take a day, a week, a month,

Or even an entire eternity,

But when you stop thinking about it

And when you stop crying about it,

You clean up your mind

And wipe off your tears

Because tomorrow,

Something new is about to begin.

- NaPoWriMo, Day 21

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