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Dream Touring

Updated: Apr 21, 2021

One sheep. Two sheep.

Three sheep. Four sheep.

Eighteen hundred and twenty three sheep.

Wait, what? Where am I?

Why do I see sheep all around?

What is this place?

Ah, I must be dreaming.

It's a luxury when you rarely sleep,

But this is getting bothersome,

I can't stand all this bleating -

Where's the shepherd?

And why is this sheep walking towards me?

Oh, no, that's... That's a wolf.

Should I run? Should I stay?

Should I... Fuck, he's biting into my skin!

But wait, it's dying, I'm alive,

How is that possible? Wait, why am I...

Whoa, I am a wolf now!

Oh, no, this is just a wolf suit.

Let me get out of here,

I can't deal with the bleating of the sheep,

The sheep, the sheep, oh wait, they are humans now!

We're all running now, run, run,

Run fast, Sonal! But where are we running to?

Oh, off the cliff!

There I go, falling, falling, falling,

I'm in a car, whose car is it?

I hear a voice... It's Alex Turner;

Now I'm making out with him,

But who's driving the car?

The microwave oven beeps -

Beep. Beep. Beep.

I open the door, there's a human head

On the heating plate,

Am I supposed to eat it?

Am I a dream cannibal?

Oh, wait! I'm an alien,

Look at my beautiful horns,

And scary talons, and...

I'm rolling down a hill,

Rolling, rolling, rolling...


I'm awake now,

And judging by this rollercoaster of a dream,

Perhaps this is why I don't sleep often.

//NaPoWriMo, Day 10

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