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Do's and Do's

3:00 AM: I shouldn't have woken up

At such an ungodly hour,

But who am I to decide what's ungodly,

When some people think I am God myself?

I don't know why they call me "Grim Reaper,

I am not grim, I don't want to be grim,

I don't want to reap either,

I just... I just want to do things that I love,

Speaking of which, let me check

What my to-do list holds for the day.

1) 7:59 AM: Spare Mr. D'Souza's Soul;

I don't know whether I need to do this

For him, or for his family, or for myself,

But I guess I need to cut some slack,

Maybe I will come back for him tomorrow,

But today, let him be free.

2) 11:23 AM: Practice Smiling;

I would need a huge mirror,

But I don't think that should be a problem,

Rather, the problem is to try and smile,

Smile like the days when I was a human myself,

Maybe that would stop people from calling me "Grim"?

3) 6:04 PM: Watch the Sunset;

I need to stop sleeping off after lunch,

When was the last time I watched a sunset?

I have heard humans of the new age

Talk about sunsets being enchanting,

I need to see what the fuss is about, I need to remind myself of the magic.

4) 12:15 AM: Scare the Stray Dogs;

What is it with dogs and late nights?

Why do they have to start an orchestra right when

All of us need a good night's nap after a long day?

Yes, I need sleep too, if you were in my place,

You'd know how it feels to collect souls since and for eternity.

Wait, what time is it?

How is it 7:58 AM already?

Wasn't it just 3:00 AM seconds ago?

Nevertheless, right on time for

The first task on my to-do list for the day.

//NaPoWriMo, Day 9

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