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Updated: Apr 21, 2021

Welcome to the mess in my head!

To provide you with a seamless experience,

I have multiple options that you can choose from

To confirm your premium membership

Don't worry, you will be provided

With detailed description of each of the plans,

So you know how close a friend you want to be.

1. The Silver Plan

While it might be the basic plan,

Available at a very minimal price of

A text from you that reads "I am there for you.",

Be assured that the viewing experience

Is still worth it, nonetheless.

Here, you can skinny dip in the

Shallow part of the ocean,

Find a nervously smiling Sonal,

And on certain occasions,

An almost non-existent Sonal,

Because she'll be in her shell,

Avoiding everything that might

Need her to talk to people.

2. The Gold Plan

The first upgrade, with the flexibility of

Subscribing back to the Silver Plan,

The price to be paid is occasional

Assurances that I am human

And it's okay to breathe and not beat myself up;

Here, you will come across a different Sonal,

One who's mostly zoned out,

(It's not you, it's she),

A Sonal drenched in the rain of anxiety,

Writhing in the agony of everything she could have been,

But everything she that she is instead,

And, of course, the golden chance to witness

The massive outrage of creative outbursts, or the lack thereof.

3. The Diamond Plan

I know you are excited, or perhaps it's just me,

But the Diamond Plan unleashes the complete package!

The price is a bit more, but nothing that you can't afford,

All you need to do is to give out your best hug,

And then you get to see the rarest form of Sonal and mind,

A full breakdown, with tears and howls

And ugly snorting noises and unintelligible speaking,

Perhaps you'll get your outfit stained too

If I reach out and hug you back and continue crying there

A panic attack on certain occasions,

And the insanity to end everything around and about me;

And the cherry on the cake is that the first subscriber

To the Diamond Plan gets to see me without disguise forever!

So which of the plans would you...

Oh! You will think about it.

That's alright, you can let me know anytime.

//NaPoWriMo, Day 7

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