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Are You Happy, Baby?

Your fingers tracing

Down my spine

Then back up till they reach

The nape of your neck

Before you take them

On a trip down from

My chest to my waist -

Does it make you happy, baby?

Happy like the first time

You decided that it was

Okay to prey on me,

And happy like the first time

You realised that I don't have

The voice and the guts and

The strength to push you away,

And happy when you found out

That I will never be happy

Because you felt entitled

To feed me happiness

Like a drip feeder

Waters houseplants;

But baby, I'm happy today,

You're the reason, of course,

Except that you now lie

Six feet under the ground,

And unless you turn into a demon,

I hope you stay where you are.

// NaPoWriMo, Day 7

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