• Sonal

And It Was All Yellow

Updated: Apr 20, 2021

i. Yellow was the color

Of the smile on your face

When your lover got you

A bouquet of daffodils

On their way back home

Because they knew you could use

A little bit of cheering up.

ii. Yellow was the color

Of the warmth on your skin,

When the sun shone

Through the window

Just enough to keep

The chilly winter winds

From freezing you to the bones.

iii. Yellow was the color

Of your quivering voice

When were ready to give up,

But the next thing you knew,

You won accolades from everyone

For not just being a magnificent singer,

But for the aura you emanated.

iv. Yellow was the color

Of the fear that took over you

When you were lost in the crowd

And you couldn't find your friend

A massive breakdown was on the way,

But your friend appeared

With your favorite ice cream.

v. Yellow was the color

Of the happiness in your heart

When you first touched

Your baby's face and exclaimed

With a baby-like excitement of your own,

And right then you knew that you held

The best thing in the entire world.

vi. Yellow is the color

Of the power inside you

That makes you everything that you are

And everything that you are not;

Yellow is you.

//NaPoWriMo, Day 5

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