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Almonds and Regrets

i. My mum tells me 4 almonds in the morning helps improve the memory. Is there an antidote that can wipe out the memories that keep me awake till 4 in the morning?

ii. My friend asks me to stop downing the bottles of beers because I harm myself. But that's fine, and that's normal, because the pain feels minimal as long as I'm drunk.

iii. My lover tells me that I need to accept love and feel all its beauty. Can someone please tell him that neither do I deserve love, nor am I capable to love?

iv. My neighbor's son Asks why have a perpetual frown and why I never smile. I think the frown has become a part of me and the smile is probably lost in the wind.

v. My reflection tells me I need to stop, that I need a break. Maybe it's right, but maybe I'll be just fine, it's been 2300 days and look, I'm still alive!

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