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Achy Breaky Heart

Aim of the Experiment: Dissection Of a Broken Heart

Equipment Required: A bruised mind, a handkerchief or a tissue paper, your guilt food, the power to be able to curse (this is to be applied either on your fate, or on your now gone partner based on what the situation permits)


Step 1: Reaching into the depths of your bruised mind,

You need to carefully take out the broken heart,

Caution: The pieces might be scattered all over,

So make sure you keep looking for them

Until each piece has been sourced to help

Stitch the heart together into its previously healthy self.

NOTE: A series of methods will be identified and applied

To guarantee the safest usable option

Step 2: Although broken, the heart is still intact

With memories from the honeymoon period

Till the day when love turned so venomous,

It could put the Western Taipan to shame,

Now, because the heart is scattered into pieces,

It is very easy to get your mind pricked my

The sharp stings of the most contemptuous memories,

The goal here is to separate the dreadful ones

From the ones that made your heart sing the Moonlight Sonata

Step 3: The Memory Segregation step does not stop

The broken heart from doing the blackest of magic,

Leading your brain to trigger your tear glands

To turn you into a rather strong competitor for Niagara Falls;

Now, there might be some ugly crying involved,

And a whole lot of runny nose that would need to be relieved -

That's where the handkerchief, or the tissue paper, or both,

Come into play, so you can make space for more of those tears;

What? You thought I would stop you from crying?

By all means, please go ahead and bawl your eyes out,

That will, in fact, help the broken heart heal to an extent

Step 4: For all the energy release via the tears,

You will need a bit of happiness,

Because a broken heart and a hungry stomach

Never go hand in hand, or rather, organ in organ,

But here, you will need to bring in comfort into action -

I usually prefer a meal of steak, French fries, and cold coffee,

But you can feed your stomach what your heart whispers to you;

Additionally, you can throw in a book, a movie, a lending ear,

And when you feel energized enough,

Feel free to curse as much as you want to -

The purpose here is same as that of the tear release


The broken heart is very delicate,

And its time of healing depends

On how long the owner takes

To find closure and move on

It is advised that the experiment

Be repeated enough number of times

To ensure that even the most microscopic part

Of the broken heart has been pieced together

To enable the owner to be their blissful self again.

//NaPoWriMo, Day 26

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